Best Breaks: A Monster Calls

Five AMC staff favorites for the week of November 28th.

The New York Times Profiles Felicity Jones

The career, to date, of A Monster Calls' Felicity Jones is discussed in detail by Dave Itzkoff for The New York Times.

The Oscar-nominated actrees, despite the acclaim of both previous work and roles on the horizon says "My feet are kept, very much, firmly, firmly on the ground."

The full piece can be viewed at The New York Times.

J.A. Bayona Talks with Gold Derby

A Monster Calls director J.A. Bayona carves out time to chat with Zach Laws at Gold Derby about the challenges and inspirations for his film.

"[the novel] explores in a very interesting way what is storytelling and what we do as filmmakers is try to find the truth in expressing the most effective possible way."

The full interview can be watch at Gold Derby.

BTS: A Look at A Monster Calls' Animated Sequences

Glassworks Barcelona shares the process behind their fantastic work on two animated stories within J.A. Bayona's A Monster Calls.

A must-see piece is up over at Glassworks' Vimeo channel.

Entertainment Weekly Introduces A Monster Calls

Entertainment Weekly's Jessica Derschowitz talks with Felicity Jones, Lewis MacDougall, J.A. Bayona and Liam Neeson about the message and impact of A Monster Calls.

"A Monster Calls deals with how to grow as a young boy and where you fit in the world - and we've all been through that," Liam Neeson.

The full piece may be viewed over at EW.

Writer Patrick Ness and the Backstory of A Monster Calls

Movie Pilot shares the story of how Patrick NessA Monster Calls not only became a novel but made it to the big screen.

"Siobhan Dowd knew that she was dying of breast cancer, and so came up with the concept of a visiting monster being used to confront children dealing with grief." writes Redmond Bacon.

A beautiful piece over at Movie Pilot.