Best Breaks: The Zookeeper's Wife [April 3rd]

ZW staff favorites for the week of April 3rd.

Time Looks into The Zookeeper's Wife

Time's Eliza Berman details how director Niki Caro's film offers a fresh and timely look at a subject long-studied in Hollywood.

"I didn't realize at the time how much of a contemporary film we were making," Niki Caro on the place her film fills in today's news. "It horrifies me that many of the events you see happening in the film are happening in 2017. Sadly, it's becoming more relevant by the week."

The full piece is up at Time.

Jessica Chastain and Niki Caro Speak with NPR

"[I]n my personal opinion I think it's exceptionally brave to fight violence with love. And perhaps even more scary to not have a weapon in your hand and just try to heal others," Jessica Chastain on fighting societal precepts.

The full interview can be heard over at NPR.

CNN Talks with Moshe Tirosh - a Child Protected by the Żabińskis

CNN's Oren Liebermann spends time with Moshe Tirosh - who was five years old when he was taken in by Antonina and Jan.

Of Antonina "When I saw her face I knew we had arrived at a good place. She radiated goodness. She hugged us," said Moshe Tirosh.

Watch the full interview at CNN

Diane Ackerman with The Huffington Post

Author and poet Diane Ackerman details her connections to Antonina and inspirations for her novel The Zookeeper's Wife.

Jessica visits the Today Show

Jessica tells Matt Lauer of her process and love for the film's message, "What I loved about this story is that it really showcases the good in humanity in a time of war - and that's what I was really impressed by."

Watch the full piece over at

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