Best Breaks: Nocturnal Animals Part Two

Release Week means loads of great publicity.

"It is literally a cautionary tale about what can happen when you let those people go." Tom Ford

Tom Ford on CBS This Morning

Tom Ford sits with the CBS This Morning crew to talk through what it took to bring his second film - as writer, director and producer - to the screen.

Watch the interview over at CBS News.

Amy Adams on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert [1 of 2]

"I learned to like her [Adams' on her character Susan Morrow]...he's kind of this privileged person who's looking at her life and not liking the choices she's made."

Amy Adams on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert [2 of 2]

Mr. Colbert, pounding his desk, proclaims "It is time!" that Amy Adams, five-time Oscar® nominee wins her first.

Michael Shannon on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

There isn't much to do with Nocturnal Animals nor his brilliant character Bobby Andes but given how entertaining Mr. Shannon is it's all good.

Isla Fisher with TODAY

Isla Fisher her role as Laura Hastings "It's so emotionally draining to do that kind of material and have it look real. You have to really commit to it."