Crime Film Sites

Here are links to everything nasty, mean, and criminal you could ever want.

If you can't get enough bad things in your life, here is a line up of sites filled with information on everything  nasty, mean, and criminal in film.

The Bad Guy's Web Site

An enthusiastic fan site for those who like their heroes wearing black, with a special emphasis on the baddies in such mob hits as Scarface, Goodfellas, The Godfather trilogy and more.

Court TV

Court TV's coverage proves that small-screen tales of real-life crime are often as compelling and complex as the fictional thrillers we see at the movies.

Crime and Gangster Films

A smart, informed history of the crime movie which charts the progression from its stirring in silent film (D. W. Griffith's 1912 The Musketeers of Pig Alley) to its glory days in the '30s at Warner Brothers and then to its present-day preoccupation with serial killer tales.

Crime Culture

All things crime from movies, literature, as well as essays on real crime, along with links to many other crime sites.

Crime Magazine: An Encyclopedia of Crime

A site covering all aspects of real-life crime with many in-depth articles on such movie-related topics as Frank Sinatra and the mob, Alcatraz (the subject of numerous films), and wrongly imprisoned boxer Rubin Carter (the subject of the 1999 drama The Hurricane).

Crime Pays

An essay on the gangster films of the 1930s, which looks at classics like Public Enemy, Little Caesar and the original version of Scarface.

Crime Scripts at the Internet Movie Script Database


A fantastic resource where you can find over 100 scripts for crime movies from recent years.

Internet Movie Database Best/Worst Crime Titles


The IMDb's list of the people's choices where (the last time we checked) The Godfather was keeping The Godfather: Part II in second place. Have you seen any of the "Bottom 10"?

Mystery Net

For lovers of mysteries, a site on the films, books, and television shows that are watching the detectives.

No Exit Press

This British crime publisher puts out a fantastic selection of books, including novels by Robert B. Parker, cinema historian David Thomson and Edward Bunker, a real life criminal who not only went on to write Straight Time and Runaway Train but also was Tarantino's Mr Blue in Reservoir Dogs.

Organized Crime Registry

A fan site with great links to info on organized crime around the globe and the films in which it is portrayed.

Original Gangsters

A site that gives the lowdown on the actors and actresses in crime films from the classic Hollywood era, as well as their directors.

Twists, Slugs and Roscoes: A Glossary of Hard-Boiled Slang

If a film like Brick leaves you confused about criminal jargon, then this site will help "you learn to speak "Thug.""

Ultimate Gangster & Crime Film Web Site

Anyone wanting to find crime movie posters, books or DVDs should look no further–and would also be advised to check out other great parts of the site like its comprehensive list of prohibition movies.

Understanding Japanese Yakuza Movies

This site helps Japanese language students understand Yakuza talk by using clips from movies by Takeshi Kitano and others–but comes with a warning that repeating phrases used on the site may result in injury!