Find the Hidden Codes for 9

There are secret codes hidden in 9 materials floating around your town. Here are some directions on what to do if you find them.

Have you discovered the secret codes hidden in 9 materials around town?  

Keep your eye out for the hidden QR codes in your city! When unlocked, they give you access to exclusive 9 content.

Here’s what you’re looking for:

Here’s what you’ll need to access exclusive 9 content.

1) Download our preferred QR reader on your mobile phone by texting “READER” to 4FOCUS  (436287).

2) Follow the link in the text reply message to download the QR code reader application.

3) Once the application is downloaded, launch the application and snap a picture of the QR code to see exclusive content.

Try it out now!  We’ll make finding the first clue easy – just test it on the code showcased above (hint:  the same code that is on the bottom right corner of the theatrical poster in theatres!).

Once you’ve mastered it, be on the look out for other clues around your hometown.  Share your findings with other 9 fans at our 9 Facebook page located at

To see more about how it works, Jordan Hoffman at UGO Movie Blog elicits his colleague Chris Plante (from the UGO Games Blog) to help him unlock 9’s “DigiCode."  CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO.