Five Movies for Any Mood to Watch on Peacock This July

Decision fatigue? Look no further.

This July there is a movie for every mood on Peacock. 

Check your attitude and then find out which movie is just right for you, whether you are feeling romantic, elegant, or rowdy.

The official trailer for Of an Age

In the mood for love? | Of an Age

Writer/director Goran Stolevski’s Of an Age brings to the screen, as the San Francisco Chronicle writes, “a universal, thought-provoking story that explores the enduring nature of first love.” Set in Melbourne during the summer of 1999, Kol (Elias Anton) sets off to rescue his dance partner, Ebony (Hattie Hook), who’s stranded at a local beach. In the process, he meets Ebony’s brother, Adam (Thom Green). During the next 24 hours, Kol’s identity is utterly transformed by his feelings for Adam. For Flickering Myth, “Elias Anton and Thom Green will still steal hearts, with a central romance equally uplifting as it is heartbreaking.” Of an Age is not only perfect for those in the mood for love, but, according to The Playlist, it’s “the perfect indulgence to enjoy with your partner or hopelessly unrequited crush.”

Of an Age is streaming exclusively on Peacock TV.

The official trailer for Inside

In the mood for some alone time? | Inside

Who doesn’t want to lock the world out and snuggle in with a good movie? Vasilis Katsoupis’ psychological thriller Inside takes the idea of isolating to a fascinating and frightening level. Willem Dafoe plays Nemo, an art thief whose attempt to steal a priceless Egon Schiele self-portrait goes awry when the high-tech luxury penthouse locks him inside. For a brilliant actor like Dafoe, the scenario sets the stage for, as Deadline writes, “a psychological thriller about survival, an art film all about art and its meaning in our lives.” For Collider, “Everything is glued together by another Dafoe performance that proves he’s one of the greatest actors of all time.”

Inside is streaming exclusively on Peacock TV.

The official trailer for A Thousand and One

In the mood for a powerful drama? | A Thousand And One

A.V. Rockwell’s A Thousand and One won the Grand Jury Prize at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival for its mesmerizing story of a mother and her son. For The Washington Post, “This is a tough, beautiful, honest and bracingly hopeful movie about mutual care and unconditional love, with a transformative and indelible performance at its core.” Inez (Teyana Taylor) kidnaps her young boy, Terry, from foster care and moves to Harlem where she brings him up against all odds. Rockwell’s drama gains power in her poignant depiction of Inez’s struggle as a Black mother in New York City. “In telling the story of Inez and Terry,” The New York Times writes, “Rockwell is simultaneously chronicling the intersecting life stories of a neighborhood, a city and a world.”

A Thousand and One is streaming exclusively on Peacock TV.

The official trailer for Champions

In the mood for a feel-good sports film? | Champions

Bobby Farrelly’s Champions tells a universal story of sportsmanship and camaraderie. Woody Harrelson plays Marcus Aldridge, a talented but temperamental minor-league basketball coach who finds himself court-mandated to lead a team of players with intellectual disabilities called the Friends. At first resentful, Aldridge learns to meet his players on the basketball court as unique, remarkable human beings. As Farrelly explains in the production notes, “He teaches them basketball, but they ultimately teach him to become a better person.” To make it real, Farrelly cast actors with disabilities for the team and let them shine as comic performers. For The Guardian, “What makes Champions a treat is the deftness with which Mark Rizzo’s script sidesteps sentimentality in favour of something more raucously truthful, conjuring fully rounded characters with believably messy lives, all delivered with Dodgeball-style sporting chutzpah.”

Champions is streaming exclusively on Peacock TV.

The official trailer for Downton Abbey

In the mood to travel back in time? | Downton Abbey

Writer Julian Fellowes and director Michael Engler took the beloved TV show to the silver screen for Downton Abbey. With the announcement that King George V and Queen Mary are coming to Downton, everyone—from the upstairs’ Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) and Violet Crawley (Maggie Smith) to the downstairs’ Mr. Carson (Jim Carter) and Thomas Barrow (Rob James-Collier)—spring into action to get the house in order. The filmmakers have also polished the show and brought it up to date. Jazz is in the air and cocktails are all the rage. Costume design and production have made the sumptuous production even more elegant and cinematic. “Downton has always been about spectacle, and the movie doesn’t disappoint,” writes Refinery 29. “The sweeping shots of the estate and within the house itself highlight a grandeur appropriate for such pomp and circumstance.”

Downton Abbey is streaming exclusively on Peacock TV.