Five Movies for Any Mood to Watch on Peacock This August

We’ve got your summer slate covered.

This August, Peacock has movies to fit your every mood. So as the temperature rises, chill out with some cool entertainment.

Priya Kansara and Ritu Arya in Polite Society

In the mood for some family bonding? | Polite Society

In Nida Manzoor’s Polite Society, Ria (Priya Kansara) and Leah Khan (Ritu Arya) are teenage sisters ready to take on the world. Ria has her sights set on becoming a world-class stunt person, while Lena is leaning towards being an artist. When the suave Salim (Akshaye Khanna) and his controlling mother, Raheela (Nimra Bucha), try to arrange a marriage for Lena, Ria and her friends are ready to spring into action and get Lena back. Manzoor told Filmmaker Magazine how she always wanted to make “make an action film where these two women are fighting—it’s physical, it’s strength, it’s beautiful, it’s cathartic.” A magnificent mashup of genres and styles, Polite Society manages to have it all. The Austin Chronicle writes, “Come for the action and loving send-up of martial arts films, and stay for the sisterly support that shines through.”

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The official trailer for Polite Society

Mary Steenburgen, Jane Fonda, Diane Keaton, and Candice Bergen in Book Club: The Next Chapter

In the mood for a girl trip? | Book Club: The Next Chapter

In Bill Holderman’s Book Club: The Next Chapter, the four women who met to discuss novels and, of course, sip chardonnay in the hit 2018 comedy Book Club are back and flying to Italy. Diane (Diane Keaton), Sharon (Candice Bergen), and Carol (Mary Steenburgen) decide to throw their pal, Vivian (Jane Fonda), a jet-setting bachelorette party. As the four women traipse through Rome, Venice, and Tuscany, sightseeing and savoring the local delights, they reaffirm the bond that made them friends so long ago. What’s true for the characters is also true for the screen legends who play them. Fonda told The Peterborough Examiner, “We are friends, we care for each other and we tell each other the truth, most of the time.” As such, Awards Watch says, “It’s difficult not to enjoy spending time with these charming actresses who remind you why they’ve been icons in the film industry for decades.”

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The official trailer for Book Club: The Next Chapter

Sara Klimoska and Anamaria Marinca in You Won't Be Alone

In the mood for a thrill? | You Won’t Be Alone

Goran Stolevski’s You Won’t Be Alone rewrites the horror genre in a striking, poetic way. Set in 19th-century Macedonia, the film follows the strange journey of Nevena (Sara Klimoska), who, after being kidnapped and locked away as an infant by a local witch, uses her supernatural powers as an adult to learn who she is. Able to take over the bodies of others—men, women, children, and animals—the young witch discovers through terror the beauty of the world about her. The Los Angeles Times writes, “It is startling, and sometimes disturbing, but hits a place that is intensely human—bittersweet and bloody and beautiful at once, and unlike anything you’ve ever seen.”

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The official trailer for You Won't Be Alone

Sasha Jenson, Matthew McConaughey, Jason London, and Wiley Wiggins in Dazed and Confused 

In the mood to party? | Dazed and Confused

Celebrate the 30th anniversary of Richard Linklater’s American classic Dazed and Confused by returning to 1976 on the last day of classes for Lee High School in Austin, Texas. With an extraordinary cast of young stars—including Milla JovovichAdam GoldbergParker PoseyCole HauserBen Affleck, and Matthew McConaughey—Linklater perfectly recreates the wondrous feeling of young adults looking for a good time. Entertainment Weekly wrote, “Once every decade or so, a movie captures the hormone-drenched, fashion-crazed, pop-song-driven rituals of American youth culture with such loving authenticity that it comes to seem a kind of anthem, as innocently giddy and spirited as the teenagers it’s about.” And check out the Dazed and Confused special merch collection to pick up the appropriate threads and gear to watch the movie in style.

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“Party at the Moonlight Tower” clip in Dazed and Confused

Lauren Miller and Ari Graynor in For a Good Time, Call…

In the mood for a good time? | For a Good Time, Call…

Jamie Travis’ For a Good Time, Call… delivers some sassy fun when Lauren (Lauren Miller) and Katie (Ari Graynor), frenemies from college, mend fences to create a phone sex company together. As their little start-up takes off, the two realize how much their bottom line is ultimately about friendship. Miller—who wrote the screenplay with Katie Anne Naylon—told Refinery 29 that “our goal wasn't to make a phone sex documentary, we just tried to entertain and be as funny as we could.” Film School Rejects agrees, writing that the movie “is both hilarious and heartfelt.”

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