How A Simple Robot From Wales Becomes An International Sensation in Brian and Charles 

An Q&A with the film icon Charles Petrescu

Jim Archer’s Brian and Charles introduces the world to a new type of movie star in the form of Charles Petrescu. Invented by his friend Brian, Charles has grown up in the last year by learning all about cabbages, bullies, summer frocks, and Hawaii. Now a bone fide movie star, Charles even has his own Twitter account, @CharlesPetrescu

We talked to the celebrity robot about his influences, his favorite dishes, and his sartorial choices.

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The official trailer for Brian and Charles

Brian helping Charles tidy up in Brian and Charles

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am seven feet tall and I have a nice pair of spectacles and grey hair and a red hand and a green hand. I like to dance and my influences include Fred Astaire, Michael Flatley, and Janet Jackson.

Did you watch other films about robots to help craft your performance?

I just decided to be myself because I can be myself best.

There are not a lot of robots in feature films. Was that something you always wanted to do?

I have wanted to do a lot of things. I would like to be a swimmer. I would like to be a helicopter pilot. I would like to be a chef.

How did you get involved in making a movie about yourself?

A film crew turned up at Ploxgreen cottage where Brian made me and they just started filming. At first, I thought it was weird but then I just decided to relax and that helped.

Brian and Charles in Brian and Charles

Do you have any funny production behind-the-scenes stories that you could share with us?

I put my foot in a big puddle and my toes got all wet. And then I put my other foot in the same puddle so that got wet too. Brian is a nice man and he is my friend. He is funny a lot of the time apart from when he lost his glasses and then he looked very stressed. He snores at bed time.

On a personal note, what is your favorite cabbage dish?

I like boiled cabbage in a plain dish. Sometimes in the evening, I will have cabbage on the rocks.

On an even more personal note, boxers or briefs?

That is a cheeky question. In the summer, I usually go commando.

Finally, what would you like audiences to take away from Brian and Charles?

I don't want them to take anything away from the cinema. Please leave everything where you found it. Thank you.