Jamie Dornan Singing “Everlasting Love” Electrifies Belfast’s Los Angeles Premiere 

The star of Kenneth Branagh’s acclaimed drama sings out a favorite scene from the film 

On November 10, the Los Angeles premiere of Kenneth Branagh’s Belfast brought thunderous applause from the audience for the cast’s touching performances in reimagining Branagh’s childhood growing up in the title city. One of the film’s stars, Jamie Dornan, was applauded again a little later at the premiere’s after-party for his unexpected performance of the ’60s standard “Everlasting Love.” In the film, Pa (Dornan) croons the romantic tune to his wife, Ma (Caitríona Balfe) while dancing with her. At the party, Balfe and Jude Hill (their son Buddy in the film) danced along to their co-star’s electrifying rendition. “Obviously the internet swiftly lost it,” Cosmopolitan UK reports. “And not just because of how good Dornan's singing was, but also because of how wholesome and lovely the crowd's reaction was.” People at the party, and those who have seen the video, have been tweeting about it ever since.

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Clip of Jamie Dornan singing "Everlasting Love" to Caitríona Balfe in Belfast