Jeff Nichols Shows Love to Key Crew

Variety offers Loving writer/director Jeff Nichols a great platform to laud his skilled crew.


Loving writer/director offers of wonderful insight to the details and people that make a film, scene and shot memorable for Variety.

Chad Keith [Production Designer], Erin Benach [Costumes], Adam Stone [Cinematographer], Julie Monroe [Editor] and Cas Donovan [Assistant Director] are all showcased.

Loving Crew

  • "There was this one jacket Mildred wore when she was walking out of the Virginia State Supreme Court...Erin built that to a T."

  • On Adam Stone, Cinematographer "at some point we said, 'We are not setting out to make a 'beautiful' film, but a film that supports the lives of these characters."

  • On Chad Keith, Production Designer "Cars are an example...we had our team dull down the exteriors, which made them feel more appropriate."

  • Adam Stone [Cinematographer] has worked with Jeff on his five films.

  • On Cas Donovan, Assistant Director "Cas brings grace and clarity...her work made a massive difference in the creative process."

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The full piece can be viewed over at Variety.