From Rom-Coms to Sharp Satires, Warm Up to These Endearing Films This December

Five movies for any mood to watch on Peacock this month.

This December, Peacock has plenty of movies to match your changing moods.

From classic romance to contemporary satire, this month's offerings take you to an array of different eras and destinations, all from the comfort of your home. 

John Corbett, Maria Vacratsis, Melina Kotselou, Nia Vardalos, Elena Kampouris, Andrea Martin, and Elias Kacavas in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3

In the mood for a Greek vacation? | My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3

Pack your bags and join Toula (Nia Vardalos) and the whole Portokalos clan as they head for the homeland in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3. The franchise’s beloved characters, like Aunt Voula (Andrea Martin) and Angelo (Joey Fatone), return with Toula and her husband (John Corbett) to visit their family’s ancestral village in Greece. Vardalos explained in the production notes that she wanted to show that “there's magic in Greece. There's stillness, vibrancy, mysticism, a connection to history.” For Slant, the film “luxuriates in the searing blue of the Ionian Sea and the lush forests of the Greek island of Corfu.” In addition to the classic locations, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 has some genuine laughs and a healthy dose of heart,” writes the Chicago Reader.

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The official trailer for My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3

Mia Goth and Anya Taylor-Joy in EMMA.

In the mood for a literary rom-com? | EMMA.

In EMMA., director Autumn de Wilde brings one of Jane Austen’s most beloved novels to life with Anya Taylor-Joy playing the title character. Clever and wealthy, Emma Woodhouse wants to control everyone’s love life, be it her father (Bill Nighy) or her adoring protégé, Harriet Smith (Mia Goth). When she meets Mr. Knightley (Johnny Flynn), however, she quickly learns just how little she fathoms her own heart. In explaining how she made the novel personal, de Wilde told Bust, “Because the book is so inspiring, it eventually leads to your own life.” Bright, brash, comic, and colorful, EMMA., writes Time Magazine, “feels both modern and authentic in the best way, inviting everyone, diehard Austenites and newbies alike, into its embrace.”

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The official trailer for EMMA.

Jeff Bridges, Steve Buscemi, and John Goodman in The Big Lebowski

In the mood for a cult classic? | The Big Lebowski

Call out your favorite lines in Joel and Ethan Coen’s The Big Lebowski. The Dude (Jeff Bridges), a stoned bowler from Venice, California, gets mistaken for a bigwig philanthropist (David Huddleston) from Pasadena. The comedy of errors that ensues connects a bowler (John Goodman), a trust-fund artist (Julianne Moore), a porn mogul (Ben Gazzara), and a gang of German nihilists. For The Independent, this madcap mystery is “packed with some of the most quotable lines and funniest characters in celluloid history but also possesses a depth most comedies can’t match.” Esquire celebrated the movie’s 25th anniversary by writing that it remains “one of the funniest and most purely entertaining films of modern times.” In short, The Dude abides.

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“The Dude Meets The Lebowskis” clip from The Big Lebowski

Ashton Kutcher and B.J. Novak in Vengeance

In the mood for a sharp-edged mystery? | Vengeance

In VengeanceB.J. Novak—the film’s writer, director, and star—crafts a stealthy comedy that explores the misconceptions Americans have about each other. Ben Manalowitz (Novak), a New York writer with a yen to be a podcaster, lands on the perfect true-crime yarn when an old girlfriend dies under mysterious circumstances. Landing in West Texas with his digital recorder, Manalowitz interviews everyone, from the woman’s conspiracy-crazy brother (Boyd Holbrook) to a way-too-charming music producer (Ashton Kutcher), to pull together a great story. In the end, however, Manalowitz discovers the real mystery is the misconceptions we have about each other. The film is “a very funny movie that’s strong enough to lift the crushing weight of our worst assumptions about each other,” writes Indiewire.

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Regina Hall and Sterling K. Brown in Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul

In the mood for a righteous comedy? | Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul.

In Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul., writer-director Adamma Ebo puts the comedy spotlight on the world of Southern megachurches. After a scandal rocks the congregation of the Wander to Greater Paths Baptist Church, pastor Lee-Curtis Childs (Sterling K. Brown) and his wife, Trinitie Childs (Regina Hall), decide to create a documentary to lure the flock back. Unwittingly, the two lay bare the most absurd and saintly parts of their ministry. Having grown up in this world, Ebo explains in the production notes, “We wanted to make sure that these characters never felt like caricatures.” Little White Lies writes that the film “refuses to preach to us, instead using comedy as a chisel, slowly chipping away at Evangelical hypocrisy.”

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The official trailer for Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul