Best Breaks: Nocturnal Animals

Five favorites from the week.

Elle Asks Costume Designer Arianne Phillips To Describe Working With Tom Ford

"I knew directing would be a natural fit for Tom because he's a creative director, and he's used to speaking in that visual language and directing teams of people...He's one of the most prepared directors I've ever worked with." Arianne Phillips

Fan of the film, fashion, the craft or all of the above - a good read over at Elle.

Variety Screening Series: Nocturnal Animals

"The thing that spoke to me about the story was the fact that it's really about finding people in your life that you care about, people in your life that are your soulmates that you love, and not letting them go." Tom Ford

Watch the full Q&A over at Variety.

Vox Shares An In-Depth Interview With Tom Ford

"One of my favorite movies that I actually used as a lot of the inspiration for [Nocturnal Animals setting in] West Texas, especially in terms of sound design but even in terms of texture, is The Last Picture ShowPeter Bogdanovich." Tom Ford

The full conversation is over at Vox.

Michael Shannon Talks To The Roger Ebert Interviews Team

"...when you see me playing Bobby, you're seeing the manisfestation of a lot of thoughts and ideas and experiences that I've had. I'm not creating something out of nothing, it's the culmination of my life and my experiences turned into something else." Michael Shannon

Dig into the full piece over at Roger Ebert Interviews.

Clash Music and Aaron Taylor-Johnson

On Tom Ford's thoughts for Ray "It was great to collaborate with Tom on that character, because it wasn't a character that popped off the page so easily. He had lots of inspirations and ideas and he knew what he wanted. And that's great and that's why we got that, because he's so eloquent and able to express what he wants without being condescending."

The full read is over at Clash.