Best Breaks: Nocturnal Animals

Five Nocturnal staff favorites for the week of November 28th.

Tom Ford and The New York Times

The writer/director/producer of Nocturnal Animals is interviewed as a part of the Times' study of filmmaking auteurs.

"It was the toughest scene to write. The toughest scene to shoot. And the toughest scene to edit," Tom Ford.

A segment of the scene in question: "No Signal Here".

The full interview with Tom Ford can be viewed at The New York Times.

Amy Adams with A.O. Scott on Charlie Rose

"I was so attracted to the subtlety of storytelling...the way that I was going to have to communicate seemed somewhat impossible and very challenging," Amy Adams.

Amy's full interview can be viewed at

The Los Angeles Times Features Tom Ford

“The personality of the brand is totally different than telling a story. While that comes from me, that doesn’t have anything to do with who I am inside, deeply inside. Whereas film can be about what you are deeply inside. I don’t think you would realize from looking at my ads as Tom Ford that I struggle with materialism and spirituality or sorrow or depression or, in the case of George’s character, suicide. I’m not really going to do very well selling suicide.”

The full piece, with insight from his collaborators on Nocturnal Animals, is up at The Los Angeles Times.

Jake Gyllenhaal and DuJour

Tom Ford offers high praise, "Honestly, for me, there was no other choice than Jake. The arc of his character(s) demands a huge range of emotion and performance. He starts off as a young, idealistic and pure 24-year-old, and ends up as a 44-year-old who has literally had everything he values stolen and destroyed. Jake is heartbreaking in the role.ʼʼ  

The full feature is up at DuJour.

GQ Profiles Tom Ford

Ford on the film's opening, "I just love that sequence. They are the representation of people who have let go of what society says you’re supposed to be. And what are they? Joyful." 

The entire piece is up at