The Book of Henry: Stevie Nicks Lyric Video + 3 New Clips

Colin Trevorrow's thriller recruits the legendary voice of Stevie Nicks for the film's signature song.

Sometimes Things Are Not Always What They Seem

An emotional journey with rich characters drew director Colin Trevorrow [Jurassic World] to Gregg Hurwitz' script for The Book of Henry. "This was a story I had not seen before, and I could not let go of it," says Trevorrow.

On point performances by Naomi Watts and brilliant young talent - Jaeden Lieberher [Midnight Special], Jacob Tremblay [Room] and Maddie Ziegler - make The Book of Henry a film not to be missed.

"Your Hand I Will Never Let It Go"

Stevie Nicks signature voice leads a 100-piece orchestra in this beautiful track recorded at London's Abbey Road studios.

"The Performance"

Maddie Ziegler's ability to command  the screen without a word is a beautiful thing - in The Book of Henry she delivers a heart-wrenching performance in a solo dance piece.


There's no doubting the phenomenal talent of young Jaeden Lieberher nor the natural chemistry between him and his on-screen mother Naomi Watts.

"My Legacy"

Just as Henry is wise and aware beyond his years, actor Jaeden Lieberher is a talent that shines in moments of scale just as brightly as those in a dusty classroom in Anytown, USA.