The Trailer For Downton Abbey: A New Era Drops & Twitter Explodes

New romances, revelations, and real estate await fans in March 2022 

The trailer for Simon Curtis’s Downton Abbey: A New Era was released this week creating happy tremors across the twitterverse. The "unashamedly feel-good movie,” as Downton Abbey’s creator and writer, Julian Fellowes, calls the new installment created excitement, raised questions, titillated suspicions, and generated much anticipation for the film’s release on March 18, 2022. A New Era picks up where the Downton Abbey movie left off — in the middle of the 1920s with jazz on the phonograph, cocktails served in the salon, and new romances brewing upstairs and down. Both the Crawleys and their staff are back and packing up for a trip to the sunny South of France to discover the mysterious past of the dowager countess (Maggie Smith).

Here are a few of the reactions to the teaser trailer.

See what all the excitement is about. The trailer for Downton Abbey: A New Era.