What Does Music Mean to Hanna?

Discover what music Joe Wright would play for Hanna, or make up your own list.

Joe Wright has used music to powerful effect in his films. He worked with Dario Marianelli for his 2006 Pride and Prejudice and his 2007 Atonement--for which Mr. Marianelli was nominated for an Oscar for the first film and received one for Best Original Score for the second. Wright's third film The Soloist was based on the true-life account of a homeless man who was once a musical prodigy. Now in Hanna, Wright not only works with The Chemical Brothers for the film's pulse-quickening score, but also makes music a subtle subplot of the film.

As a special feature on the Hanna Facebook page explains: "Hanna did not grow up like other girls. She was raised by her father in the remote woods of Finland enduring intense training, with one intention - to make her the perfect assassin. Since Hanna grew up in complete isolation with her only human interaction being with her father, she isn't familiar with many things we take for granted in the world. She doesn't even know what music is!"

Joe Wright created his own playlist to introduce Hanna to the world of music:

1. Rez by Underworld

2. Over and Over by Hot Chip

3. Horse Power by Chemical Bros'

4. Vitamin C by CAN

5. Kooks by David Bowie

6. Light Green Fellow by Michael Hurley

7. Cross Bone Style by Cat Power

8. Matty Groves by Fairport Convention

9. Certified Murderer by Kiprich*

10. Escape Velocity by Chemical Bros'

If you want to see what ten songs others would pick, or if you want to make up a ten-song playlist all your own for Hanna, go to the "Joe Wright's Playlist for Hanna" page on Facebook.