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The Shape of Things

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About The Film

R | May 9, 2003 | Drama | 1 Hr(s). 37 Min(s).

Writer/director Neil LaBute (Possession, Your Friends & Neighbors) has created another boldly original movie that is as fascinating as it is unsettling. When nerdy Adam (Paul Rudd) meets Evelyn (Rachel Weisz), a sexy and confrontational art student, his predictable life seems to change overnight. But when Adam's brash best friend, Phil (Fred Weller), and his fiancee, Jenny (Gretchen Mol), meet Evelyn, the sparks begin to fly. Phil doesn't like the new Adam, while Jenny seems a little too interested in Adam's new look. Soon everyone is caught in a circle of passion, temptation and betrayal that is oddly funny and totally unexpected.

Gretchen Mol, Paul Rudd, Rachel Weisz, Frederick Weller
Directed By
Neil LaBute